About Me

Welcome to Kraftytraveller – Thank you for stopping by!  I’m so excited to get started! After leaving a position in the construction industry last year, I have been focusing on re-connecting with my “artsy” side; re-engaging in photography, writing and watercolour in particular, (but not limited to), and it was only in jumping back into it that I realized just how much I have missed it!

I’m the mother of 2 boys and very recently became a first time grandmother…life changes! I’ve always aimed to expose my children to new discovery experiences and travel has become a part of that.  My first real vacation in a long time was 2 years ago when I visited Varadero, Cuba with a good friend. That trip was amazing and it reminded me that there is much to see and do in so many parts of the world. However it also got me thinking about our own gorgeous country of Canada…although I have driven through and flown over a great deal of it, had I really spent time discovering its great beauty?  Hmmm…it’s time!

I hope you’ll join me as my family and I trek across Canada and, on occasion, other worldwide stops. I look forward to sharing our discoveries with you and hopefully inspire you and yours to do the same!  See you soon 🙂

— Mich